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02 June 2031 @ 03:07 am

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03 November 2010 @ 01:00 am
Oh wow, it's been so long since i posted on here D:
I have been consumed by Tumblr. Which is annoying as i pay for this account lol. Summer is over now, i'm back at uni. Boo hiss. Although i did 4 weeks full time work and it was just awful. It dragged on and on and on. I thought i would go insane.

I don't really think much has happened since my last post back in July :o I didn't think it was that long ago! We lost two hamsters since then.

M-O very regrettably passed away when i was trying to get him and his son Cosmo to live together. Cosmo killed him one night when i was at work. I was distraught when i found him and i will NEVER EVER forgive myself. I'm such a dumb ass. He was about 1.5years old, so he wasn't young, but it was still too soon.

Leo had to be put to sleep. He got the grand age of 3.5years old. He was AMAZING. In the last 2-3 weeks of his life he developed a tumor and eventually it ulcerated. So the kindest thing to do was to put him to rest. He was struggling to get about as it grew to fast! But he fought to the very end. And it was so upsetting saying good bye, but at the same time i was happy to let him go as i felt it was his time and he has a wonderful life.

They are both throughly missed.

Uni is a bit better this year. The bit was poo, but we are doing web design now. I now know that, that is what i want to do! I have been working on a website for the shop. That is what i am going to do tomorrow after i get fitted for contact lens.

Woo i'm getting contact lens.! Can't really afford them but i HATE HATE HATE my glasses.

I am going to France next week with Matt to stay with his Dad. I am so excited! *jumps* i have been looking forward to this for so so so long now. I have a really nice little jacket and ear muffs so i should be nice and warm over there :D

Anyway i'm s tired. Me so ty ty.
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28 July 2010 @ 07:21 pm
Between Tumblr and doing extra hours at work i haven't been on LJ much in the last week, I fixed my hair and i am actually very happy with it. It looks quite light because of the highlights which makes me happy! :D

We are going to see 'Splice' tonight. Looks real good although i does have bad reviews, but i never listen as i tend to enjoy most things i watch!

I've seen a really really nice jacket from Henry Holland in Debenhams. I'm gunna go pick it up on Friday and have it as a birthday present. Although my birthday isn't until October i wont need it until then anyway as it is so warm atm. 

I really want a new bag. i say want because need would be a big fat lie! my over the body bags are too small now, and my tote bag is great but it is a big void. It doesn't have any pockets or anything which is a real pain when you are trying to shuffle through it. Anyway, i don't have any money after blowing over £100 on my hair last week so i found one on ebay i really like its £150 atm and ends in a few minutes so i hope i can get it. looks big and has pockets. Woo.

Anyway i'm starving. I went swimming and i am in the middle of making dinner. num num!
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13 July 2010 @ 03:55 pm
 Right so i have been busy the last few days sorting things out. Parcel force, virgin mobile, natwest, ebay blah blah blah the list goes on. We have now finished, except for sky. But we have to wait for Matt's mum to come home for that!

I'm going to try and make something else tomorrow with my Aunt. I am going to make a skirt this time. I have to admit i got a bit bored of wearing dresses and also they are very complicated and very time consuming. The skirt seems real simple. And is made up of 4 rectangles which also seems ever so simple! I bought some lovely fabric from down in the valley. All pink/purple with swirls. However I NEED THIS 

This is so unbelievably adorable. It's about £10 a meter so it would be like £15 for the skirt so i got some fabric for like £5 today to try it out first! 

Parcel force are refusing to refund us our money for breaking the tri-pod. We sold Matt's HTC last night for £200 and had to give £140 of that to ebay to pay off the ebay bill. Alas. We spoke to citizens advice and they don't really think we have much of a case. I sent one last e-mail to them and if its no good then my dad is going to try and fix it and we shall re sell it. That £200 was meant to go in my Natwest account to pay for our o2 phone bills. Now its like £50. ppffft! They really are such cunts!

I put M-O and Cosmo together last night. Cosmo seems so sad alone but every time i tried to put him with M-O or Leo when he was stronger he attacked them! It's been about a month on his own and i think he has calmed down a bit and seems happy with M-O they are asleep right now next to me in the carry case. I hope they continue to do well together.

I'm off swimming later. It's been hard to get back in the habit after the holiday. We didn't go last Tuesday as i wasn't feeling that well, but i have no excuse today! Tbh i'm actually looking forward to it i'm quite bored at the moment could do with getting out. So i guess we shall leave in about a hour and a half. I could go tomorrow but i don't like to do my hair two days running. sounds stoooopid really.

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12 July 2010 @ 12:18 am
So i am selling stuff on ebay atm. Trying to raise about £500. Me and Matt took out new phone contacts for the Dell Streak. AMAZING PHONE. Free on a £25 a month contract. BLOWS the iphone out the window. seriously if you want an iphone and can't afford it get the dell streak. Although it is massive it is amazing. I bought a little £9 Samsung to make calls as my contact doesn't allow me too. But we are going to put the money we make on ebay into my natwest and then use that to pay the new bills off up until christmas! And then i can pay my Orange bill off cheap and yeah.

I have such a bad headache atm. I was gunna do a massive update but it feels like people are jumping inside my head so i will write later. GUUUUUH!
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08 July 2010 @ 02:20 am
I wish i could get rid of the summer. I have had my holiday and i now i am done! I am fed up with the heat it's like 25ºc  all the time and i just blllleeegh. I miss my big hoodys and my panda hat. I dislike the heat. I seem to only get burnt and this is shit. Plus i have extra hours coming up at the shop and it reaches over 35ªc it doesn't matter how little i wear i still feel like i am suffocating.

I went to the doctors on Monday. I had a little rash on my neck, i get it on my thighs and hips too. They are only small about the size of a penny. But on my neck its a bit bigger maybe double the size and on my thigh and hip you can't see it where as on my neck you can. So i got some cream and i think its working. I also got the jab. I saw a different doctor and she didn't seem like she had done it before. She said she has never used the jab on herself before and i though 'no shit' as she was very heavily pregnant! She was lovely though!

I had to put my original nose stud back in as the lump as got massive. i was really pleased as about this time last week the lump has gone and then i pretty much woke up one morning and BLAM it was back, back with a vengeance! It hurt rather alot but i can already feel that it feels better which is good thing i suppose. i don't wanna lose the stupid thing. perhaps i changed it too soon. i always do that and i never learn alas.

Anyway i'm knackered. Fuck off summer, your making me sleepy with your infernal heat.
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05 July 2010 @ 11:49 pm
 Ok so i am back off holiday and it stinks! I really didn't want to come home, although it was made a little more worth while to see the roo's XD i luuurrrve them so!

Anyway i have lots of photos from things that i haven't posted up so i am going to do it in one big chunk!

We shall start with Amanda Palmer outside the Round House at the Tegan and Sara show!

More Amanda Palmer plus a video....Collapse )

And then of course i saw Tegan and Sara, although my  photo's are fairly naff and i cannot work cameras! blllegh.

More Tegan and Sara and a video wooo!Collapse )

And then i have a few photos from my Holiday when i visted Marwell, and over in Hamble i made friends with this Seagull i named Eric. He was tre cool!

EricCollapse )

And my pictures of Marwell. Although i wish i had taken more but my camera battery was really low. I seem to be really shit at charging my camera. boo. Anyway i loved the hippos <3

Moar animals at Marwell...Collapse )

And last but not least is little Boo. i have some decent photos of her and she seems to be settling in well and i love her lots >.< she is very nosy and absolutely terrified by everything! But seems like a real sweetie!

BOO!Collapse )

So i think that is enough for now, i'm not feeling too well I haven't felt great since yesterday and i am KNACKERED, i have a cracking headache and a crappy tummy so perhaps i will sleep all day tomorrow! Yes that sounds grand.
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29 June 2010 @ 05:36 pm
 The weather is so beautiful at the moment! Today it rained slightly, but it is still very warm and nice. Yesterday we went to Southampton, i got a really nice nose stud. It was only £5 and it's all multi coloured. I got it in really easily!. Matt has been smothering me in love and affection of the amazing sorts ;)!!

Today we went to the pink ferry. We were going to walk but the guy at the shop said it take an hour and it was already 2pm so we drove. Got over there and there was nothing to do so we were back here by 4pm. 

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. We are going to the Portsmouth outlet shopping bit we went to last year where i got my purple hoody and my amazingly cheap Radley sunglasses! Then on Thursday we are off to Marwell again. Well this is all if we get paid as we aren't meant to be paid tomorrow i think. Plus tomorrow we shall see the new Russel Brand film!

Anyway i suppose we will spend the night chilling out watching the TV again, which is quite a big thing as Matt's TV has been broken for like 2 months woo lol!
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27 June 2010 @ 09:39 pm
 Ok so yesterday wasn't nearly as bad a i had thought. However i am feeling much calmer now as me and Matt are on holiday. The signal in the van is terrible i can only get it on my phone by lying on the couch. However unlike last year you can now buy access to the internet. It's £5.75 a day or £3.50 an hour which is a rip off but it's £11.25 a week which is still alot but it is worth it! It's just a shame that we didn't bring both laptops so i will have to share mine ahhhH! lol.

I wish i didn't care about the internet but i have only been here for half a day and i am itching to get back on it! >.< 

Today has been nice. Watched my first football game and it was awful, we lost 4-1 to Germany. Rubbish. I don't think we have any plans tomorrow, i guess we'll see where the day takes us.!

However although i am very happy to be here i am fretting about the hams. I'm like a mother aha!
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26 June 2010 @ 12:01 am
 I saw Tegan and Sara last night. I got there at like 4, i wish i had just come along about 6 because the day was unbearably hot. It think it couldn't of been far off 30ºc. We ended up wondering around Camden market for a few hours because we heard rumors that Amanda Palmer was going to do a free gig outside the round house so we didn't want to queue only to lose our place to see Amanda. She did turn up and she played really well, she has an amazing voice. I also got some amazing pictures but my camera is in the car atm and i am too hot and lazy to get it. We got in the the support act were on at 8pm. They were shit! I didn't like them at all! Tegan and Sara came on at 9pm and they were really good. Talked to the crowd lots again and it was fun! Also managed to avoid annoying twats this time!

On the train home it was just as hot and the tubes and trains were PACKED OUT! I don't understand why as it was like midnight! Anyhoo some ARSE pushed his way on the train yelling 'you could fir 10 more people on here!' which started an argument between him and one of the people he shoved out the way to get on. He was such a cunt it was ridiculous! and i said 'you could of said excuse me' and he went 'I BEG YOUR PARDON!' and i said 'you could of said excuse me rather than SHOVING your way on and pushing people out the way it's just rude!' and he SHUT THE FUCK UP after i said that! ahaaha. He can't say anything to that because it's true!

Anyway, boo is settling in. My last night of work was to tonight all done and out the way. Holiday on Sunday woo! 

Anyway i must wash the hamster wheels now!
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