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29 June 2010 @ 05:36 pm
urrrrmm humm!  
 The weather is so beautiful at the moment! Today it rained slightly, but it is still very warm and nice. Yesterday we went to Southampton, i got a really nice nose stud. It was only £5 and it's all multi coloured. I got it in really easily!. Matt has been smothering me in love and affection of the amazing sorts ;)!!

Today we went to the pink ferry. We were going to walk but the guy at the shop said it take an hour and it was already 2pm so we drove. Got over there and there was nothing to do so we were back here by 4pm. 

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. We are going to the Portsmouth outlet shopping bit we went to last year where i got my purple hoody and my amazingly cheap Radley sunglasses! Then on Thursday we are off to Marwell again. Well this is all if we get paid as we aren't meant to be paid tomorrow i think. Plus tomorrow we shall see the new Russel Brand film!

Anyway i suppose we will spend the night chilling out watching the TV again, which is quite a big thing as Matt's TV has been broken for like 2 months woo lol!
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