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27 June 2010 @ 09:39 pm
ok take a deep breathe.  
 Ok so yesterday wasn't nearly as bad a i had thought. However i am feeling much calmer now as me and Matt are on holiday. The signal in the van is terrible i can only get it on my phone by lying on the couch. However unlike last year you can now buy access to the internet. It's £5.75 a day or £3.50 an hour which is a rip off but it's £11.25 a week which is still alot but it is worth it! It's just a shame that we didn't bring both laptops so i will have to share mine ahhhH! lol.

I wish i didn't care about the internet but i have only been here for half a day and i am itching to get back on it! >.< 

Today has been nice. Watched my first football game and it was awful, we lost 4-1 to Germany. Rubbish. I don't think we have any plans tomorrow, i guess we'll see where the day takes us.!

However although i am very happy to be here i am fretting about the hams. I'm like a mother aha!
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