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08 July 2010 @ 02:20 am
Goodbye summer.  
I wish i could get rid of the summer. I have had my holiday and i now i am done! I am fed up with the heat it's like 25ºc  all the time and i just blllleeegh. I miss my big hoodys and my panda hat. I dislike the heat. I seem to only get burnt and this is shit. Plus i have extra hours coming up at the shop and it reaches over 35ªc it doesn't matter how little i wear i still feel like i am suffocating.

I went to the doctors on Monday. I had a little rash on my neck, i get it on my thighs and hips too. They are only small about the size of a penny. But on my neck its a bit bigger maybe double the size and on my thigh and hip you can't see it where as on my neck you can. So i got some cream and i think its working. I also got the jab. I saw a different doctor and she didn't seem like she had done it before. She said she has never used the jab on herself before and i though 'no shit' as she was very heavily pregnant! She was lovely though!

I had to put my original nose stud back in as the lump as got massive. i was really pleased as about this time last week the lump has gone and then i pretty much woke up one morning and BLAM it was back, back with a vengeance! It hurt rather alot but i can already feel that it feels better which is good thing i suppose. i don't wanna lose the stupid thing. perhaps i changed it too soon. i always do that and i never learn alas.

Anyway i'm knackered. Fuck off summer, your making me sleepy with your infernal heat.
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