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12 July 2010 @ 12:18 am
Ebay crap.  
So i am selling stuff on ebay atm. Trying to raise about £500. Me and Matt took out new phone contacts for the Dell Streak. AMAZING PHONE. Free on a £25 a month contract. BLOWS the iphone out the window. seriously if you want an iphone and can't afford it get the dell streak. Although it is massive it is amazing. I bought a little £9 Samsung to make calls as my contact doesn't allow me too. But we are going to put the money we make on ebay into my natwest and then use that to pay the new bills off up until christmas! And then i can pay my Orange bill off cheap and yeah.

I have such a bad headache atm. I was gunna do a massive update but it feels like people are jumping inside my head so i will write later. GUUUUUH!
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