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28 July 2010 @ 07:21 pm
Tumblr has stolen my soul.  
Between Tumblr and doing extra hours at work i haven't been on LJ much in the last week, I fixed my hair and i am actually very happy with it. It looks quite light because of the highlights which makes me happy! :D

We are going to see 'Splice' tonight. Looks real good although i does have bad reviews, but i never listen as i tend to enjoy most things i watch!

I've seen a really really nice jacket from Henry Holland in Debenhams. I'm gunna go pick it up on Friday and have it as a birthday present. Although my birthday isn't until October i wont need it until then anyway as it is so warm atm. 

I really want a new bag. i say want because need would be a big fat lie! my over the body bags are too small now, and my tote bag is great but it is a big void. It doesn't have any pockets or anything which is a real pain when you are trying to shuffle through it. Anyway, i don't have any money after blowing over £100 on my hair last week so i found one on ebay i really like its £150 atm and ends in a few minutes so i hope i can get it. looks big and has pockets. Woo.

Anyway i'm starving. I went swimming and i am in the middle of making dinner. num num!
Current Mood: hungryhungry