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03 November 2010 @ 01:00 am
Hello there again?  
Oh wow, it's been so long since i posted on here D:
I have been consumed by Tumblr. Which is annoying as i pay for this account lol. Summer is over now, i'm back at uni. Boo hiss. Although i did 4 weeks full time work and it was just awful. It dragged on and on and on. I thought i would go insane.

I don't really think much has happened since my last post back in July :o I didn't think it was that long ago! We lost two hamsters since then.

M-O very regrettably passed away when i was trying to get him and his son Cosmo to live together. Cosmo killed him one night when i was at work. I was distraught when i found him and i will NEVER EVER forgive myself. I'm such a dumb ass. He was about 1.5years old, so he wasn't young, but it was still too soon.

Leo had to be put to sleep. He got the grand age of 3.5years old. He was AMAZING. In the last 2-3 weeks of his life he developed a tumor and eventually it ulcerated. So the kindest thing to do was to put him to rest. He was struggling to get about as it grew to fast! But he fought to the very end. And it was so upsetting saying good bye, but at the same time i was happy to let him go as i felt it was his time and he has a wonderful life.

They are both throughly missed.

Uni is a bit better this year. The bit was poo, but we are doing web design now. I now know that, that is what i want to do! I have been working on a website for the shop. That is what i am going to do tomorrow after i get fitted for contact lens.

Woo i'm getting contact lens.! Can't really afford them but i HATE HATE HATE my glasses.

I am going to France next week with Matt to stay with his Dad. I am so excited! *jumps* i have been looking forward to this for so so so long now. I have a really nice little jacket and ear muffs so i should be nice and warm over there :D

Anyway i'm s tired. Me so ty ty.
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