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23 June 2010 @ 12:20 am
 Yeah so i got me a niffy one of these. 
I think they are pretty cool. I went to bluewater in search for a new watch. Not that i need one mind you as i have at least 4 working ones. HOWEVER all my watches are a little on the large side and i have noticed in the last few weeks as the temperature picks up (and plummets down again) that it is very uncomfortable having something so big round my wrist. HOWEVER what really pushes it for me is the fact that i have a tan patch wear the stooopid watches sit. So i thought this little gadget was cool, it was EXACTLY what i wanted and around the exact price (£10) so i am chuffed. I hope it last though as when i got home and googled it, i found out thats it's actually quite a massive thing in the USA and some people have given it amazing reviews and others not so much. We shall see. and it comes in like 10 colours so i am tempted to get a few to match my clothes woo! Perhaps not though!

I went swimming today as i wont be going on Thursday it was lovely getting in the pool as it has been like 25ºc today but because we live in London the air is so stale and muggy. Guh. Ahhhh well this time next week i'll be at the coast! After swimming me and Matt went to the hairdressers and Matt had his beard professionally shaved off. He did rather enjoy it lol! However he will have to keep it trimmed himself as i am not paying £10 a go!

I'm hopefully, *FINGERS CROSSED* am going to finish my dress tomorrow and then i am off to see Tegan and Sara the day after. tis all very exciting.

As i have nothing to do tomorrow afternoon i am going to stay up too late and sleep in for too long >.<
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22 June 2010 @ 02:34 am
So i should be asleep. Matt is and i am not. I stole this from pintsizeninja
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21 June 2010 @ 05:01 pm
 I'm watching the hamsters in their cage next to me (Amy and Wanda) they do everything together including drink apparently. It's quite amusing watching them desperately try and drink from the same spout! lol! They are greasy and sulky atm because i put mite medicine on them the other day to see if thats the reason Amy is going bald!

I gave them all some millet spray last night. Leo ate out my hand and i got cosmo too as well but he ran away before i took a photo.

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So i seem to posting about the hamsters too much. I find that usually if something goes wrong with one then someone goes wrong with the rest. The expression, 'when it rains it pours' comes to mind tbh. I separated Ellie and Sam yesterday. Sam is now back with Meredith who is improving everyday. The reason? well Ellie got TOO fat again. I know it sounds mean but it's true she really did!

ANYHOO..... my credit card came today. I got that Sherlock Holmes pendant seemed most important lol! Then i withdrew £100 AHHHHHKggH! i haven't even had it for like a hour, but i had to put money in my lloyds account so i don't get fined. And pay my mooma back. guh. Went and got some bits and pieces i needed too!... *le sigh*

Today is really hot and muggy, but over cast. It's all dull and cloudy, i hate days like this!. Boo Hiss. Matt is at work and it's his last day and then he will be on holiday officially for like 2 weeks WOOP! Not long till we go away now, i am very excited indeed!

I'm gunna be a good house wife now and clean the room.
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19 June 2010 @ 11:46 pm
Meredith's leg is much better. There has been no blood since the other day. She seems lonely but she needs to rest her foot and be away from anyone that could bully her. Her leg is still black, but i'm hoping there is a possibility that  it is really bad bruising! I treat Amy for mites today. Also gave Wanda a treatment too as i don't want her coming down with them too and then Amy getting them again. They are all slimy looking atm! I have given Meredith her wheel back although she will only have it for short periods for now as i do not want her foot swell up!

I am watching Sherlock Holmes again aha! Although i tend to put it on as back ground noise now and only really watch my favourite parts.

I went to work today. Went to Redhill this afternoon before work with Gem. I bought these false nails in pound land. They only lasted 4 hours before i snapped them all off aha!

We got Chinese on the way home. I don't know why as i had bought dinner and i have £0 MONIES. I need that credit card asap! I want to buy one of the Sherlock Holmes pendants made by ldhenson  i have my own listing woo! www.etsy.com/listing/49555252/sherlock-holmes-faux-stamp-pendant very exciting! I will be buying it next week i hope!

Farthers day tomorrow. I got my papa a gift card for the cinema so he can see toy story 3! I hope he likes it!

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18 June 2010 @ 02:11 am
 *wails* i just made toasty cheese sandwiches. Jealous? ANyhoo. I pick up some melted cheese and though NOM NOM but no when i bit into it, it started to crackle and fecking burnt my lip. It hurts alot! Blllegh.

I'm so worried about Meredith now. She seems to be ok, but i just noticed blood on her genial region that wasn't there when i started giving her, her medicine. eek! Plus Amy might have mites. Her skin is flaking etc and she is going bald. This is a really shit month, or week for them to do this. My credit card doesn't come till next week and now need medicine for Amy, a new box for Meredith and possibly another trip to the vet. GUH. Why couldn't this happen next week? I'm so concerned for Meredith now though. I'm freaking out a bit. My little baby!

*le sigh*

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17 June 2010 @ 12:14 am
 Poor wee Meredith. Her foot got better but has swollen up again. I noticed it has gone purple and has scabs all over it. When i checked today to see if it was cold i noticed all her skin around the leg area has turned black. BLACK! I panicked and rushed to the vets. He said he has seen this before and the leg died and became half the size. Although the hamster did keep some limited use with the leg. The blood vessels have been cut off and i fear she may lose the leg. I am giving her anti biotics and have taken her away from her sister and niece. The first picture is her leg. You can see the black coming through the fur. (ignore the colourful down pour, she emptied her cheeks!) The second is her set up in her little 'healing house' where i hope for a week or more she will be able to rest and maybe it will get better, although i doubt it!


I have been at my aunts all evening making my dress again. I have some home much more positive than last week as we actually put the thing together. The front is all done and is looking really good.

 I'm really really happy with how it's coming along. The picture is a bit naf, makes it look huge and square, but i think it looks just like my other dresses. I need to pick up some cotton and some buttons for it. I hope we finish it next week as i can wear it to Tegan and Sara!

Anyway. I'm off to fret over Meredith some more!
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15 June 2010 @ 04:16 pm
I think Matt is sulking. Gary called when we went for Lunch. (had a yummy wimpy) He isn't feeling well and asked if i could come in for a few hours this evening. I said sure, i don't like to do him favours as he is an arse, but i thought i could really do with an extra £25 on my pay at the end of the month! Matt is sulking now, he says he's not but i know he is. It will be because i am 'abandoning him' what a crock of shit. If i say tonight we will sit side by side. Me on the bed unable to watch the films i want to watch because Matt doesn't like them, even though he is on the laptop at the desk, and i too will be on my laptop reading many fan fictions! So it isn't like we were spending an amazing evening together. pfft!

I went into croydon to look for a nice summer dress. NOTHING FITS MY BOOBS. I hate it, it makes me feel like a beached wale. Funnily enough though most of Primark's clothes fit in that department. If anything one dress was a bit too baggy round there. However, the dress looked terrible on the skirt but was naf. I want my hand made dress  but it is taking AGES to make. I'm hoping to start putting it together this week. I hope anyway.

My nose piercing is healing up. I ripped it out at the swimming pool the other day. yuck. and i noticed a tiny blister type lump and was like nooooo. Cause that is what i had on my scaffolding that i couldn't get rid of, although i had it on another ear one and it went away. Anyhoo i was cleaning it lots and it wasn't going so because i'm a retard i stuck a needle in it and it bleed. Then i red online it's called 'The BUMP' and some one wrote tea tree oil gets rid of it. Then i read that tea tree oil is bad for you? wtf i thought it was good? I used it and its going away! Almost gone, i think its taking a bit more time as i picked at it and stuck things in it :/

anyway i have to dry my hair ready for work. booo!
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14 June 2010 @ 01:40 am
What are you watching on TV atm?:  Nothing at the moment, the sky is broken, but i would be watching Stargate i think!
What are you reading atm?:
American Psycho - bret ellis
What are you listening to atm?:
alot of marilyn manson.
What are the last films you watched?:
Sherlock Holmes, Monsters vs Alien and the hand over. All very good!

This is what boredom drove me to do. haven't done one since i was a wee kid.Collapse )
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14 June 2010 @ 12:13 am
I hate having no money. I need some more leggings and cannot afford any, although Matt said it is ok if i buy some tomorrow as they are only £5. But perhaps i can wait till next month? Maybe. There is this really lovely dress on ebay that i am hoping my Mummy will buy for me. But she has lent me alot of money so i don't know if she will :/ i had to spend £10 on my Dad's father's day gift today as well as the wasted petrol to get to the place. GUH. I hate this so much. I'm probably thick, but i just applied for credit cards in a few companies. ahhhh what am i doing! It's not that bad is it? Apparently so. ugh.

Meredith's foot has puffed up again. I don't know whats wrong with it. I'm pretty sure i am going to have to split the 3 girls. They are on their last chance. I say their but i mean Ellie is on her last chance. They look so sweet in the little carry case, shame i can't just leave them in there forever, shame it's way too small. 

So yeah if you could point me in the direction of a money tree that would be well cool :D cheers.
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09 June 2010 @ 10:22 pm
I dream about wolfs alot. I dreamt of them again last night. All i remember is waking and mumbling in my sleepy state to Matt about the wolfs in my dreams. Ahaa, although most my dreams are pretty fucked up.

I cur a pattern for my dress today. I wish we had got more done than we had. I was only there for an hour tonight. I was hoping to get it cut up. Alas.

I think i am on the VERGE of actually DYING from boredom today. It is horrendous. I hate it. I might walk to the shop with Matt and get an ice cream. Yum, Yum.

Tomorrow i will go swimming with Matt and then in the evening we are going to Brick Lane to view Fee's and her classes photo's. They graduated this year, i would be with them if i didn't leave.... I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

I am reading a TON of fan fictions at the moment all which are being written. I think that is adding to my boredom insanity not being able to finish them. i REFUSE to read anymore that aren't finished or else i will run out of room to book bookmark things lolz....

Hams are good too. Stupid hams.

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